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Psychological Therapy

Individual Psychological Therapy

For psychological therapy and professional consultations, I work from York Clinic for Integrated Healthcare (Tadcaster Road) and The Studio (Bishopthorpe Road).  Alternatively I work via remote platform such as Skype and VSee.

I am experienced in providing a confidential and safe space to consider difficulties through a professional lens.  Between working in NHS mental health services and end of life care settings I have heard and worked with many complex difficulties and emotions.  My experience makes me a safe pair of hands.

I provide assessment, formulation and therapy for a wide range of emotional and psychological difficulties for people across the lifespan.  The variety of trainings I have place me well to address complex difficulties, including those of a longstanding nature.  These evidence-based theoretical models include relational/existential psychotherapy and a third wave Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) known as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). I have also trained in Schema Therapy, which is another relative of CBT with an emphasis on complex interpersonal processes.  This variety means that I can consider difficulties from a number of different perspectives, and I will try to see a fresh solution for situations that can otherwise seem stuck.

I work with people experiencing psychological difficulty due to problems such as; phobias, anxiety (including panic, obsessive compulsive disorder, trauma, social anxiety), depression, childhood abuse, anger, and relationship difficulties.

My additional special interests are

  • Living well with physical health conditions, including cancer and chronic pain
  • Maximising interpersonal skills, particularly where there are difficulties in relating to others
  • Occupational stress, satisfaction and coping strategies
  • Personal wellbeing, learning to get more out of life.

As a Clinical Psychologist I tailor interventions to each individual’s unique circumstances by first developing an individualised psychological understanding of their difficulties.  From there we can collaboratively plan what might be the most useful way forward.