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How I work

As with all clinical psychologists, my training encompassed a variety of models.  This allows me to select the most appropriate approach with any particular person or situation.

Research suggests that it is the quality of therapeutic relationship that is the most important factor in a good outcome and I will always prioritise this.  We are all different in personality and in the circumstances that have shaped us; I think I am good at working holistically with the person as a whole, rather than seeing a problem in isolation.

The evidence-based models I use most frequently are Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, which is a third generation Cognitive Behaviour Therapy; Relational Psychotherapy (I am a fully qualified Gestalt Psychotherapist); and Schema Therapy.  As I see it, all of these models have common attributes – they are all ‘process’ based, that is they see situations and problems as being dynamic, allowing for changes in the here and now; they all have a respect for coping strategies that people have needed at some time in their life, but that might be out of date; they all prioritise the therapeutic relationship and they all allow for experimentation with new ways of living.  All of this can allow for a flexible and powerful solution to sticky problems!