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About Me


I would always advise a potential client to make sure they trust the person they pick as their practitioner.   Research shows that it is the therapeutic relationship that is the most influential factor in a good outcome.

You will see some of my values echoed in the paragraphs below; I prioritise compassion, honesty, curiosity,  vitality and courage.  Every relationship is different and one of the privileges of my work is getting to know people and helping them to be their fuller selves.

How did I get to this work?  Earlier on in life I enjoyed the writings of Oliver Sacks and writers who questioned the status quo such as Rollo May.  During my clinical psychology training I loved the existential psychotherapy approach of Irvin Yalom (well worth a read – especially Love’s Executioner).  As well as the more practical approaches – which also opened my eyes into how we can change our lives – I became increasingly interested in the power of the relationship in psychological therapy.  Although I had began to understand its importance, by the time I qualified I still wanted more precision in how to harness it.

To this end, my first large post qualification training was in Gestalt Psychotherapy, which took me to a dual qualification as a psychotherapist. I studied and practised this over six years, taking viva in 2012.   The approach borrows from Eastern philosophy (think mindfulness, used judiciously), psychodynamic theory, holism, body psychotherapy among others which allows for great flexibility.  Increasingly practitioners of many persuasions are realising that the body plays a large part in mental health.

Lately most of my CPD (continued professional development) is using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Schema Therapy, which keep me flexing and developing my practice.  Another privilege of the work I do is of always being able to develop and grow as a person and a practitioner.  I hope that the people who come to me as clients also renew their energy for personal growth as well as attaining a sense of increased wellbeing.