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Palliative Care Thoughts

This is an interesting article questioning the nature of dying alone and our cultural narrative which speaks as if this is always an unwelcome possibility. Working in end of life care it does seem that people choose, not infrequently, to die when they have finally been left alone; sometimes to the bewilderment of their family, diligently at their bedside. I observe that it is hard for the physically well to deeply consider what a dying person might want, loaded as it is with our own fears. My interest in palliative care began ten years ago when a close friend was diagnosed with a terminal illness and I could see how isolating it can be for someone to face the end of their life; it is hard for others to be alongside and hear our experience clearly at that point. How we understand ‘a good death’ is unique for each of us and our challenge, as individuals and a society, is to shape the care we offer accordingly.

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