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Accepting Emotions

It is a truth of human existence that emotions are notoriously difficult to control. This can be a source of great despair when it reaches the point where life becomes difficult as a result; often that is what leads people to seek specialist psychological support. Many people will have a struggle of this kind at some point in their life for all sorts of reasons.

This article is a nice description of what I might call ‘applied mindfulness’, an approach increasingly incorporated into a third wave Cognitive Behaviour Therapy known as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. The central tenet is finding a way of allowing feelings for the purpose of living more fully. This way of understanding distress is also central to existential/phenomenological (gestalt) psychotherapy.

Although it might sound counterintuitive to allow feelings and sensations to remain present when we are emotionally uncomfortable, it increases our ability to cope with these experiences and reduces the extra layer of difficulty and compromise to life that is created by trying to block/avoid them.

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